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  • Oostenbrugs on Facebook

    There is a group of Oostenbrugs on Facebook.  A distant relative who lives in Canada found me through it.  Check out this link.

  • Family Tree Photos

    In my many hours of playing with the family tree, I discovered that I could add mugshots to it.  So now you’ve got a face to go with the name in the family tree!  I’m surprised there are any photos of me around since the camera usually breaks when pointed at me.  Send me your…

  • Many updates to the family tree

    I’ve added a lot of entries to the family tree so it makes sense now.  This link shows a cool “family book” and shows seven or eight generations of Oostenbrugs.  Create your account so you can help edit this.  I need some help with names, divorces, etc.

  • Using the family tree

    Use this link to see my pedigree and see what this software can do once information is entered. I don’t remember my great grandparents’ names, so somebody help me fill in the blanks. Use this link to sign up for an account to see details and enter more family tree information.

  • Family Tree Added

    I’ve added an online family tree to the site at the recommendation of one of my long lost relatives (Thanks Khrysta!). The link is on the right side of the page, or click here. The software is called PhpGedView. It’s the best free geneaology software I could find, but it has a long way to…

  • Google results for Oostenbrug

    Click to see Google results for Oostenbrug One of the top results was interesting to me.  Mary Beth must have donated a brick in memory of Glenda at the Plaza of Heroines near Catt Hall on the Campus of Iowa State University.  I must have walked over the brick dozens of times during my 5…

  • email

    If you’d like a personal email address all you have to do is ask me nicely!  They will be setup to forward to your current email address and they can be updated if you change email providers.  Go to and fill in the form

  • Oostenbrug Family Reunion

    I’ll be posting a page about the family reunion sometime soon.  If you have some information to share with everybody let me know.